2012-06-30 04.36.35

We found a palm tree and a rainbow in the middle of Warsaw. We saw a castle surrounded by mud. We saw Kopernikus looking back at us. We saw a ceiling made of umbrellas. We saw the sign “koniec” (= the end) quite often. – Is that a sign? – We saw a guy trying to change time. We met a big woman blocking our view of Poland. We discovered Kafka was a non-alcoholic. We saw green, lots of green. We saw a palace of culture. We saw a cube full of flowers. We met a guy throwing blankets at us. We tasted beer that tasted like the taste of honey. We saw a jungle on top of a building filled with knowledge.

2012-06-30 04.47.41


We saw Madame Curie borrowing the looks of Lady Gaga. We walked on instable ground. And we smelled like Chanel.


2012-06-30 04.11.40