Today we found the new world (=nowy swiat) in the middle of Warsaw. We followed marching-men and weaping-women. We yieled in front of representing generals and wooden crosses. We discovered a castle with people sitting on chairs listening to a person also sitting on a chair speaking in a very unfamiliar language about A. We concluded from the way the people were dressed and their hair was styled and from the way they were listening, that the person must be a famous person. We sat on a chair as well, listened to the stories about A, looking at the images being A, hearing about performance A and conceptual A and political A.


We learned that while doing A you cannot be in love with a person, because one is being tied for a year to another person.  After the famous person in front had finished talking about A, we met three blonde polish women. One with almost no hair. One with very long hair. One with curly hair. Two of them were sisters. Two of them shared the same boyfriend. One of them can think whatever she wants. Two of them were best friends. Two of them just returned from London. One of them had a high voice. One of them had a dark voice. Two of them are also doing A. And one of them appeared to be the reincarnation of Marlene Dietrich. We decided to introduce our readers at a later stage of this blog to these phantastic A producers.

We experienced the darkness of Warsaw, when the sun set and the city turned into a jungle. We sat under a burned rainbow and found the gold we were looking for. A lonely actor played sad tunes for us while a caring sociologist kept us from the contamination of neoliberalism. And everywhere we went, history. And everywhere we went Marlene would whistle her little tune for us.