This day was all about people. We met very small people. We met very lonely people. We met well educated people. We met sexy people. We met instable people. We met faithful people. We met people that disappeared because no one talked about them. We met people that reappeared because someone made a sculpture of them. We met people that seemed to have been more important than others. We met people that felt more important than others. We met people made of rubber, Lego, paper. We met people that were throwing blankets at us and people that were taking care of us.


We met two buisinessmen saying a lot of ‘Kurwa’ in a normal tone at the airport. We were told a bout Chopin and his music academy. We got distracted by the way they write his name – ‘Frederyka Chopina’ we believe it was. It sounded like a lady to us. We had a mix of funny thoughts about that. We heard someone talking just a couple of decibels too loud. We spotted a fransiscan monk in the middle of the night with a backpack on. We went back to the burned down rainbow and met a dancer telling us he worked in Haga. We think that Haga is the best way of referring to The Hague.