For some reason we keep on bumping into antropologists and artists in our queste to learn more about the Polish. Howcome Haiti keeps popping up? And Asia, there seems to be a strong Polish-Asian connection when it comes to fully living your art, what’s that? And why do we end op holding glow-in-the dark Maria’s all the time? Howcome every Polish person we met has travelled extensively? Are we behind on something here?

Yes. Being back from an overwhelming trip to Warszawa isn’t all that easy. But Amsterdam has it’s pearls too. Yesterday our ambassadors made a memorable visit to Saskia Noordhoek Hegt. Sitting on her couch in an apartment that breathes the whole world, we asked her all about her experiences with Jerzy Grotowski. She saw his Constant Prince in de Brakke Grond theatre in Amsterdam and a couple of years later she studied with him in New York. That’s when she learned that doing Grotowski’s Cat is the best way to warm up as an actor, it’s where she found herself playing her version of Lady Macbeth by repeating her own eyemovements and it’s where she carved her knowledge on ‘plastiques’ into her kinetic memory.

Let’s let Ryszard Cieslak fill us in on this a bit:

Now we at IOOTCP can’t sit still anymore. We we need to get into this. Dig in deep. Do the work. We learned we might need to go to Italy to discover this part of Poland. If so, then be it.

We will do what it takes to share the knowledge!