this girl

This girl.


She’s in one of our pictures.


Who is she?


What do we not know about her?



By looking at this picture, her face being turned away, we can say that we don’t think that this girl has to wear glasses. We assume it’s not the case that she has to wear glasses, but doesn’t want to because of reasons of vanity. We also can’t tell if she’s part of a debate-team at her school that hasn’t won any debate throughout the whole of it’s history. We don’t think she is known for her attacks of anger during which she almost literally explodes. It probably never happend that she, after losing one of many debates, attacked her opponents and demolished the whole schoolbuilding. No.


Also we don’t think she deeply wishes to go to Chicago to live with her father who remairried there to a lady African- American decent. She probably never locked her mother out of the house during one of her anger-attacks, provoked by a futility. Furthermore it is highly unlikely that her brother left for western europe at the age of 17 to vent out his criminal activities in either denmark, belgium or the Netherlands. And that he never sends her a postcard.




In order to get to know the true story behind this girl we need your help. Please watch this image carefully. Now download it to your computer, or draw it on a sheet of paper.  Take any kind of action you need to take in order to make sure you will remember this image.


If you ever encounter this girl, please immediately contact us. We have to find out the truth about her.


Thank you.