Meet Grey Bear.

Grey Bear is a blogger, a writer and he is Polish. Grey Bear is said to be a huntsman, but we admire him for his films. Like this one, about famous actress Liv Ullman.


From this fragment we were able to extract the following words:
na imię (is named)
napravdę (really, true)
czasu (time)
profesor (professor)


Grey Bear obviously knows what he is talking about.
But we don’t.
We want to know.

We need to know.

And therefore, we have set up a correspondence with this promising young polish artist – a raw diamond, whose talent is yet to be discovered. We can proudly announce that we offered him time to speak at our next Cultural Afternoon* and that he even might accept this.

So, please, dear reader, feel welcome to join in on this marvelous adventure of language and mystery! A Sunday we will never forget.


The Ambassadors of IOOTCP


*our next Cultural Afternoon: feb 2nd, 16:00, Zonneplein4 in Amsterdam!