Following the paths of research our ambassadors bumped into the spirit of trade. Soon a decision was made: there will be a WEBSKLEP. Yes. IOOTCP will be boosting the concept of International Trade from this summer on, offering you informative, high quality, top notch products online. Handmade, mechanically tested. The works. 

Now, for the unofficial part: we will hereby reveal you THE FIRST PRODUCT we have been developping in our secret lab. Please note that we need you to be discrete about this. Goethe Instituut is following our every commercial step..
So, without further ado, we present you:



The IOOTCP-PDA. The notebook that's more than a notebook. It's.. an extended notebook in which you can organise all there is to organise. We, at IOOTCP, know how hard it can be for a human being to bundle all that knowledge and all those strategies of work into one head. No need to worry about that anymore. Thanks to the help of this little bugger! It has a to-do-section, an archive, a good-ideas-that-will-be-thought-of-more-later-on-chapter. It has extra paper, it has artwork. This one's appearance is very much inspired by the diverse Polish theatre and filmposters. Recognise them? 

Got wishes for products? Let us know!



the Ambassadors


P.S. for more info on the concept of the PDA: