Dear friend of IOOTCP. We feel like going on an adventure. With you! Let’s go forth and sail the seas of knowledge, tame the winds of confusion. Let us dive into the waters of wodka, and grasp for the air of art!
Yes. Let’s meet up at the most beautiful space known in the west. Our portal to middle-Europe. A pearl in the oyster called NDSM. A precious piece of beauty, build by the hands of one man. A man called Pieter. Let’s meet him, let’s love this place. Let’s go to SIN@NDSM!


invitation IOOTCP@SIN may 11th 2014


SIN is to be found at TT Neveritaweg 19A-14. Our arrows will guide you there. And nice to know: Europe’s biggest fleamartket is right around the corner and it’s open all day on may 11th.





the ambassadors