With summer ending up in the pockets of rain, IOOTCP thinks it’s time for something new. Something exclusive. Something extra bardzo super special. Something we’ve secretly been working on during the past few months: on september 25th we will present you a highlight in the existance of the institute. IOOCTP will be hosting an evening on ‘the path’ at the University of Amsterdam! We hereby warmly welcome you to take part in this evening and we would like to thank Pani Elzbieta Niemczuk-Weiss for making it all possible.
Please note that since the venue at the UvA is full of old paintings displaying rich men from the past, we cannot fit in too many people. If you want to attend, please make a reservation via: iootcp@gmail.com.

Is the 25th of september too much of a wait? Don’t!
On sunday august 31th you can catch up with us for some unofficial activities during Uitmarkt of Amsterdam at Museumplein between 11:00 and 12:00. http://www.uitmarkt.nl/
On september 7th we’ll host a Polish quizz at Noorderparkfestival. (it will be part of De Wereld Draait Noord) http://www.noord.amsterdam.nl/vrije-tijd/noorderparkfestival
And to top it all off: during the whole of september our ambassadors will be working on work in the foyer of Ostadetheater! This institute of theatre has been so kind to take us in. Thank you!!  Openinghours of the institute at Ostadetheater will appear weekly on our website. http://www.ostadetheater.nl/

See you in smart september!

your ambassadors