We at IOOTCP believe that the depts of the soul can only be communicated by mail. Letters, postcards. Anything that can be transported through time and space by sticking a stamp to it. Why? Because of Andrzej Dudek Dürer.



His invitation cries for a response from us all. Although maeby a bit behind on the deadline, let’s not get intimidated. Let’s make the postal world shake.  Let’s make his art-project reincarnate into a new one. Yes! Join us on this feast of art. Drop by at Ostadetheater or send in your mail, any mail, to:

t.a.v. IOOTCP
Van Ostadestraat 233d
1073TN Amsterdam


At it’s foyer we will have all the materials ready for you to rock that letter or postcard. Come by during institutional office hours :

sept 5th 16:30-21:30
sept 6th 14:30-19:00
sept 7th 16:30-21:30
sept 8th 16:30-21:30
sept 10th 16:30-18:30
sept 11th 16:30-21:30
sept 12th 16:30-21:30
sept 13th 14:30-19:00

And catch a nice theatre-performance while you’re at it!

Yours truly,

The ambassadors of IOOTCP


p.s. remember those awesome webskep-products, the notebooks? You can buy them there off the hands of our ambassadors!