This monday a delegation of our institute will fly out to Wrocław for a 10-day exchange with Institut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego a.k.a. The Grotowski Institute*. The gatekeepers of Grotowski’s legacy will help our ambassadors to get an insight in the mysterious ways of this theatre-legend. The what, why and how.. IOOTCP will tell you all about it in february 2015.

To get you in the mood: here’s a clip of Grotowski’s most famous work: The Constant Prince. It was based on ‘El príncipe constante’ by Spanish playwright Calderon de la Barca. Ryszard Cieślak is playing a tormented prince, who’d will not have the city of Ceuta taken over by the Moors. You can find a video of Cieślak teaching a typical Grotowski-technique to youngsters at our post from september 4th 2013.

Wrocław is not just the city of Grotowski. During the 240 hours of presence in Polands 4th biggest city, at least 4 of them will be spend on paying a visit to Mr. Andrzej Dudek-Dürer’s secret atelier. We will ask him about his response to our mailart-project**. Did he receive our package? Have we added to his views on reincarnation? What is he working on right now? Could he show us mail-art from others that replied to his question? We’re going to find out!


The Ambassadors of IOOTCP


* these guys:

** Remember? September? We where at Ostadetheater creating upmost intriguing postcards round the subject of reïncarnation. It’s in the post below.