Though the website may have been quiet, 2015 is proving itself to be a fruitfull year for IOOTCP.  We hope for you too.

We’re putting up a foundation, an offcial step in order to spread our unofficial ways even further throughout the world. Ambassador Schep got admitted to a 2-years Mastersprogramme called DasArts, where her unofficial thoughts will be deepened.


IOOTCP Slavic Delight 26 mei 2015

The months of may and june will be full of activitites in the open world again:


7&8: IOOTCP researches the Slavic Department of the University of Amsterdam.

26th: togheter with the Slavic Department IOOTCP presents her findings at the University.

31th: Cultural Night on the subject of THE HUMAN at Ostadetheater, Amsterdam.


In June IOOTCP opens her desk at Oostblok- theatre. Feel ree to come by during office hours to consult us about ANYthing on:
THUR 4 juni 10:17-13:23

MON 8 juni 16:48-21:19
WED 10 juni 15:22-16:51

MON 22 juni 17:42-18:56
WED 24 juni 11:24-14:01

Also, IOOTCP has been invited to work in Poznan, Poland for a week from june 14th- 21th

26th: Cultural Night at OOSTBLOK

29th: GIANT summerparty, celebrating the Foundation and DasArts. With fundraising-fun!

We’re looking forward to seeing you again!!


The Ambassadors