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As an instute we understand the importance of sharing.

Hence Ambassador Schep has taken on the task of digitalising IOOTCP’s wonderous collection of Polishness. One day all of our objects shall be open source!

Our first object: a female.

2015 11 09 scan 1 polish lady

object #2: frog, captured in plastic

2016 01 04 polish zabka bag


Though the website may have been quiet, 2015 is proving itself to be a fruitfull year for IOOTCP.  We hope for you too.

We’re putting up a foundation, an offcial step in order to spread our unofficial ways even further throughout the world. Ambassador Schep got admitted to a 2-years Mastersprogramme called DasArts, where her unofficial thoughts will be deepened.


IOOTCP Slavic Delight 26 mei 2015

The months of may and june will be full of activitites in the open world again:


7&8: IOOTCP researches the Slavic Department of the University of Amsterdam.

26th: togheter with the Slavic Department IOOTCP presents her findings at the University.

31th: Cultural Night on the subject of THE HUMAN at Ostadetheater, Amsterdam.


In June IOOTCP opens her desk at Oostblok- theatre. Feel ree to come by during office hours to consult us about ANYthing on:
THUR 4 juni 10:17-13:23

MON 8 juni 16:48-21:19
WED 10 juni 15:22-16:51

MON 22 juni 17:42-18:56
WED 24 juni 11:24-14:01

Also, IOOTCP has been invited to work in Poznan, Poland for a week from june 14th- 21th

26th: Cultural Night at OOSTBLOK

29th: GIANT summerparty, celebrating the Foundation and DasArts. With fundraising-fun!

We’re looking forward to seeing you again!!


The Ambassadors



After 3 sold-out Cultural Afternoons at Polish Supermarket Costa,  IOOTCP will pop up again this week! Come by for inspiration and wodka at Theater Frascati’s nocternal christmasmarket.


friday dec 19th 2014

between 11:00P.M. – 3:00 A.M.

(you can come and go whenever you want)


Theater Frascati

Nes 63, Amsterdam



IOOTCP cordially invites you to join us on one of our 3 cultural afternoons at Polish Supermarket Costa. Theme is The Polish Kitchen. Our ambassadors will make Polish food and literature meet.


saturday 13th of december 14:00 and 18:30

sunday 14th of december 14:00


Polish Supermarket Costa, Meeuwenlaan 102. 1021JL Amsterdam.


The afternoons are part of Winters Binnen Festival. An inspirational cultural festival throughout the north of Amsterdam. Tickets for The Polish Kitchen cost €4,-. Check out for the whole programme and to reserve your tickets.


PR-beeld IOOTCP winters binnen DEFkopie


There’s a Polish-Dutch saying, stating that the body can travel by different means of transport, but the soul prefers the horse. Well, if this is so, then Ambassador Schep’s soul must have been travelling on a crippled, asthmatic pony with a bad sense of direction in order to get back to Amsterdam. Yes, getting used to west-Olandian life has been quite the challenge after these ten days of institutional information, dwarfs, Tartar, bodily expressions, art, Polish language, piwo, unreadable faces and bearded men. We could say Wrocław was brilliant yet confusing.
Let’s zoom in on one aspect of it all: the bearded men. Our delegation has had inner and outer conversations with Jerzy Grotowski and Mr. Dürer:

Mr. Grotowski

From reading his own writings and watching his interviews at the Grotowski Institute, our ambassador thought this was going to be an easy one. Grotowski was an excellent writer and speaker, so what could go wrong? Well, in many video’s there was nothing to see, but people behaving asif they where seriously mentally impaired. What on earth did this have to do with him writing about getting back to the essence of theatre? What was happening here? It was only after watching Ryszard Cieślak teaching two youngsters for two hours that it came to notice that Grotowski’s work wasn’t about moving in an unconventional style, but that these people were looking for ways to un-block their bodies.

Mr. Grotowski having a talk with Margaret Croydon in 1969.

Mr. Grotowski having a talk with Margaret Croydon in 1969.

Without getting too theoretical IOOTCP would like to take the time here to get into this a bit further. Grotowski considered the body to have a memory. Not just a kinetic one as in still knowing how to ride the bike after decades of walking, but also a memory of pain, illness, of expressions, love, excitement and relating to spaces. Through training the actors would create the freedom for their bodies to express these personal and yet universal feelings and memories. These would be recognosed by the audience, because they have had similar bodily experiences in their lives. And this would get the audience touch with a deeper sense of what life is about.
So, how would this work? Can bodies communicate? Our Ambassador suspects it might have to do with this:

see also:

Later on in his work, Grotowski kind of dropped his emphasis on theatre and and on the actor. He started looking for other ways to communicate with his audience. This will be to much to zoom in on here, but our Ambassadors will tell you more about it during our Cultural Afternoon in february. (yes, this truly is a cliffhanger!)

Here’s a picture of our ambassador with the ‘artistically challenging’ statue of Mr. Grotowski in Opole.


Mr. Dürer
On the day of her arrival, Ambassador Schep received an e-mail by Mr. Dürer in reaction to the mailart-project last september. It was already the next day that they sat down on top of a round museum, filled with contemporary art. Togheter they discussed art, mail art, music, travelling, tea and life. It was absolutely inspirational. And it turned out Mr. Dürer actually used to know Mr. Grotowski and Mr.Cieślak at the time. In front of art, our Ambassador and Mr. Dürer made a selfy/ussie/we-y. To hopefully be continued..


Now Ambassador Schep will proceed to stand on the lookout for her soul-on-pony. If you happen see them passing by, please direct them to the city of Amsterdam.

your Ambassadors

This monday a delegation of our institute will fly out to Wrocław for a 10-day exchange with Institut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego a.k.a. The Grotowski Institute*. The gatekeepers of Grotowski’s legacy will help our ambassadors to get an insight in the mysterious ways of this theatre-legend. The what, why and how.. IOOTCP will tell you all about it in february 2015.

To get you in the mood: here’s a clip of Grotowski’s most famous work: The Constant Prince. It was based on ‘El príncipe constante’ by Spanish playwright Calderon de la Barca. Ryszard Cieślak is playing a tormented prince, who’d will not have the city of Ceuta taken over by the Moors. You can find a video of Cieślak teaching a typical Grotowski-technique to youngsters at our post from september 4th 2013.

Wrocław is not just the city of Grotowski. During the 240 hours of presence in Polands 4th biggest city, at least 4 of them will be spend on paying a visit to Mr. Andrzej Dudek-Dürer’s secret atelier. We will ask him about his response to our mailart-project**. Did he receive our package? Have we added to his views on reincarnation? What is he working on right now? Could he show us mail-art from others that replied to his question? We’re going to find out!


The Ambassadors of IOOTCP


* these guys:

** Remember? September? We where at Ostadetheater creating upmost intriguing postcards round the subject of reïncarnation. It’s in the post below.




It has been done.

We have made Mr. Dürer’s mailartproject about reincarnation reincarnate!


IOOTCP would like to thank all participants at Ostadetheater for making our officially unofficial mailartproject succeed! Here’s a slice of what we collected:

collage 2

Our package for Mr. Dürer has now started it’s journey to the beautiful city of Wrocław. City of mailart, city of Mr. Andrzej Dudek Dürer. We hope to receive a reaction and in case we do you’ll be the first one to hear! Fingers crossed!!!


Can’t wait to see us again? The University of Amsterdam and IOOTCP invite  you to take part in a Cultural Afternoon. For free! Send us an email at if you’d like to join. It starts at 17:00. Potgieterzaal, Universiteits Bibliotheek.


The Ambassadors of IOOTCP

We at IOOTCP believe that the depts of the soul can only be communicated by mail. Letters, postcards. Anything that can be transported through time and space by sticking a stamp to it. Why? Because of Andrzej Dudek Dürer.



His invitation cries for a response from us all. Although maeby a bit behind on the deadline, let’s not get intimidated. Let’s make the postal world shake.  Let’s make his art-project reincarnate into a new one. Yes! Join us on this feast of art. Drop by at Ostadetheater or send in your mail, any mail, to:

t.a.v. IOOTCP
Van Ostadestraat 233d
1073TN Amsterdam

At it’s foyer we will have all the materials ready for you to rock that letter or postcard. Come by during institutional office hours :

sept 5th 16:30-21:30
sept 6th 14:30-19:00
sept 7th 16:30-21:30
sept 8th 16:30-21:30
sept 10th 16:30-18:30
sept 11th 16:30-21:30
sept 12th 16:30-21:30
sept 13th 14:30-19:00

And catch a nice theatre-performance while you’re at it!

Yours truly,

The ambassadors of IOOTCP


p.s. remember those awesome webskep-products, the notebooks? You can buy them there off the hands of our ambassadors!




With summer ending up in the pockets of rain, IOOTCP thinks it’s time for something new. Something exclusive. Something extra bardzo super special. Something we’ve secretly been working on during the past few months: on september 25th we will present you a highlight in the existance of the institute. IOOCTP will be hosting an evening on ‘the path’ at the University of Amsterdam! We hereby warmly welcome you to take part in this evening and we would like to thank Pani Elzbieta Niemczuk-Weiss for making it all possible.
Please note that since the venue at the UvA is full of old paintings displaying rich men from the past, we cannot fit in too many people. If you want to attend, please make a reservation via:

Is the 25th of september too much of a wait? Don’t!
On sunday august 31th you can catch up with us for some unofficial activities during Uitmarkt of Amsterdam at Museumplein between 11:00 and 12:00.
On september 7th we’ll host a Polish quizz at Noorderparkfestival. (it will be part of De Wereld Draait Noord)
And to top it all off: during the whole of september our ambassadors will be working on work in the foyer of Ostadetheater! This institute of theatre has been so kind to take us in. Thank you!!  Openinghours of the institute at Ostadetheater will appear weekly on our website.

See you in smart september!

your ambassadors


Dear friend of IOOTCP. We feel like going on an adventure. With you! Let’s go forth and sail the seas of knowledge, tame the winds of confusion. Let us dive into the waters of wodka, and grasp for the air of art!
Yes. Let’s meet up at the most beautiful space known in the west. Our portal to middle-Europe. A pearl in the oyster called NDSM. A precious piece of beauty, build by the hands of one man. A man called Pieter. Let’s meet him, let’s love this place. Let’s go to SIN@NDSM!


invitation IOOTCP@SIN may 11th 2014


SIN is to be found at TT Neveritaweg 19A-14. Our arrows will guide you there. And nice to know: Europe’s biggest fleamartket is right around the corner and it’s open all day on may 11th.





the ambassadors